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October 19, 2007



I could not have said it any better. My parents are around 50, and I dread to see what the world will be like in 25 years. I have great faith that this country as a whole can better the world, but I have little faith in those running the country right now. This may explain why Barak Obama is so popular in some circles...he is seen as young and more in tune with this issues facing the nation, and not in the process of denying problems exist. Just listen to the President speak sometime...Iraq is better off, crime is low, and the deficit is shrinking. What is not being stated is that Iraq is still a disaster, crime is going up, and the dificit is still nearly $200 billion. The leaders of this country are masters as not seeing the entire picture. Great article!


I've been living in this country for seventeen years now, to which I'm grateful and it's my hope to truly become part of it.

Though not raised as a Christian, I have faith in its core values of courage, honesty and fairness, among others (not suggesting non-Christians are not good enough peoples). It may sound a bit on the naive side and yet I feel truthfulness is better than its opposite. Were I born in this country I would throw out everything on my mind.

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I'm afraid an open forum would just turn into a blame game. If I wanted to fight with my father's generation i'd just attend my family reunion or pick up the phone.
I do agree that we all need to communicate better though. We're in one heck of a pickle right now and just sitting on the sidelines isn't making it any better. Our problems aren't curing themselves. Sigh....time to pick up a shovel and dig in then!

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