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October 12, 2007


Don Li

Interesting post. Imho, communication skill probably is big deal with any medium including email (I need to work on that).
On "attendance at events are less than expected.", I'm new in Roanoke, is there any mailing list for Roanoke Entrepreneurs? That would help.


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your right, mass media marketing is dying right front of our eyes..

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hello guys, I really like this post, the events in general are things that draw little attention, thanks for sharing the information, and answer many questions I would like updates to this article, thanks

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But that doesn’t mean I have to flounder in an endless sea of anonymous faces for the next three months. It doesn’t mean that the local politics are completely beyond me or that I’m nothing but an observer.

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I do agree with you that I think this question gets to the point that mass media is dying and niche media is growing.


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